Saturday, June 02, 2012

Mini-Expedition May 11-13, 2012

On May 11-13, 2012, Sasquatch Watch of Virginia had a small, weekend expedition on some private property located near Central Virginia.  A small group of folks from the group spent an enjoyable time in the field doing what we enjoy, research and association with one another.

During the daytime, investigators broke up into two groups to check out different areas of the property.  The footprint seen on the left was found by Gary, one of our newest investigators.  This footprint was found in an area that surrounds a large swamp on higher ground.  The other group had found strange stick formations in the woods, some were ruled out as weather related, some were wrote up as unknown.

One things for sure, this year there seems to be a lot of snakes.  This black snake was found not far from the area of the footprint that was found by Gary.  This was the second snake to be seen during the weekend.  The first snake was found by Brandon on another part of the property as seen in the photo below.
Just so everyone knows, these expeditions are not just all about the research.  We all enjoy getting together to associate and just have a good time.  After all, isn't that what life's about?  These expeditions help everyone to get to know each other better.  Call me a simple person, but the best part of the expeditions are having my loving, beautiful wife sitting right next to me and sitting down around the campfire and sharing stories.  Do we have to be serious all the time?  Of course not!  But, it's usually times like this when most sightings occur.

Late one evening, a group of us went out walking the trails at night.  One of the researchers, Tom, was listening through his parabolic and heard several sounds in the woods.  Most could be passed off as regular wildlife.  But there were a few instances where he heard what sounded like bipedal footsteps.  As Tom was listening close on one of those occasions, Gary heard what sounded like a whistle coming from the opposite side of the trail from the sounds being heard.  I was scanning the woods with a Flir Thermal Imager.  When I directed the Flir to the direction of the whistle, the images to the left are what we saw.

Both Gary and myself watched this thermal image (yellow near the center of the screen) sway back and forth from behind a tree.  What is it?  We don't know.  One of the first things I noticed after uploading the image is the temperature range on the Flir.  The highest temperature on the screen is 55 degrees F.  In my opinion, if the image was a living, breathing animal; the temperature should be much higher.  Probably more like in the 90 degrees+ range.  So, what are we seeing here?  I simply do not know.  All we know is that the figure was swaying back and forth from behind a tree.  We know that Gary heard a whistle from this direction.  And we know it wasn't stationary, because when we had Brandon toss a rock into the general direction, this image went away.

On the last day, as I was collecting the trail cameras, I ran across this tree break.  I did not notice this tree break the day before when I installed the trail cameras.  So as always, we end up with more questions than answers.

Some strange lights were seen in the sky late one evening as well.  Again, more questions than answers.

But, we keep on going!  I know I'm not much of a writer folks, but I try.  Hope you enjoy the blog.  There will be more to come soon!

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