Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Creature Weekend 2012

Some would like you to believe that the 2012 Creature Weekend in Salt Fork State Park in Ohio wasn't a success, especially a certain blog which will not be mentioned on this blog.  The blog even mentions whether or not the event can endure.  WELL, IT CAN!  There will be a Creature Weekend 2013 next May 2013 at Salt Fork!

The one thing I find so amusing from certain blogs are how they always ASSUME that money is the reason for a conference.  They are not capable of realizing that sometimes a conference is put on just for the pure enjoyment of doing it.  Why?  Because they are in the business of writing a blog to complain and whimper...PLAIN AND SIMPLE!  Yes, some of us actually ENJOY being at a conference to simply catch up with one another and to enjoy each others company.  I know that's hard for some to understand, you first have to have friends to understand that.

This unnamed blog even goes on to add that the conference stunk.  Funny thing is, every person I spoke to told me how the conference was a breath of fresh air.  They liked the new layout, they liked the different activities and they liked the fact that there wasn't TOO MANY speakers.  No one want's to sit in a conference and listen to speakers all day long.  You have to mix it up a little and that is exactly what the organizer did!

It has been said that the place looked empty.  I have been to many past conferences at Salt Fork and most of the time people were out wandering outside the conference room in the hallway.  In the case of Creature Weekend, people were glued to the speakers presentations in the conference room, that's where everyone was instead of wandering the halls.

The unnamed blog says the organizer must admit to failure.  THERE WAS NO FAILURE!  Creature Weekend 2012 was a huge success!

Now let's discuss something really funny in my opinion.  The unnamed blog says that the only problem they had was the question of why there was a secrecy about the organizer of the event when it was being run by known personalities.  Now, this is the same folks that won't tell you who they are and yet they write a blog criticizing others.  In addition, they won't even allow folks to respond to their false accusations.  On top of that, the folks commenting (which I believe are the same folks that write the blog because they like to talk to themselves) use fake names, and boy to they come up with some good ones!  Well, here is a NEWSFLASH (because I know they are reading this).  If you really felt the need to find out who was organizing the event, why not pick up the telephone (you know, that thing with the numbered buttons on it and you can hear people on the other end talking back to you) and ask the Salt Fork Lodge who is putting on the event.  Guess what?  They would tell you.'s ok, I know that requires too much work and research so I apologize. LOL!!!

Anyway, sorry for the rant.  I needed to have a little fun today.

In all seriousness, we would like to thank everyone for attending the 2012 Creature Weekend!  Special thanks go out to the organizer, all the volunteers and all those in attendance that made it successful!  Also, a big thank you to Lee Murphy and Sali Sheppard-Wolford who both provided autographed copies of their books for the conference!  That was GREATLY appreciated!

We look forward to another successful Creature Weekend in 2013!  Stay tuned to this blog for future announcements of events!

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Doug Waller said...

well said Billy,I had a great time,met a lot ofnew friends and will be there next year for sure! Doug Waller