Sunday, November 26, 2006

Breaking News!!!

There has been some Breaking News concerning the Patterson-Gimlin film. Please follow this link to see the latest information. We will try to keep this blog up to date on the latest developments.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Welcome Aboard New Members!!!

I would like to take this opportunity to announce some new members to the Sasquatch Watch of Virginia group. I am very proud to have these folks aboard.

Tom Lancaster - M.B.A., P.G., Principal Researcher and Co-Chairman
Tom Lancaster is the owner and president of an environmental consulting company. He has completed master's studies in geophysics in 1986 and business administration in 1999. He is a Virginia Licensed Certified Professional Geologist. Tom became interested in Sasquatch research as a hobby in 2005 after reading Bill Dranginis' Sasquatch sighting report (link), meeting him personally, and seeing his huge investment into Sasquatch research equipment (link). Through his love of the outdoors, Tom has grown to enjoy this hobby with his Sasquatch research partner, Billy Willard, and research association with Bill Dranginis. Recently, Tom has stepped up his efforts to include cutting edge scientific research strategies in Virginia and West Virginia.

Henry May - Member
Mr. Henry May is a Jacksonville, Florida native whose birthday is March 26th. He was born in 1970 and is 36 years old. His interest in Bigfoot began at age 5 when he saw his father with a book called Bigfoot: The Mysterious Monster, and also seeing pro-wrestler Andre the Giant as Bigfoot on The Six Million Dollar Man TV series. Two years later, he saw the movie based on the book his father had on TV at his grandmother's house. He began researching Bigfoot, reading every book he could find and watching every documentary he could see. Henry and his family moved from Tennessee to Pennsylvania to Georgia, where in each state he searched for Bigfoot in wooded areas. In Georgia, he had several "Not Sure" sightings and a possible vocalization encounter as well. He saw a possible Bigfoot in January 1984, but can't really confirm that because he was told 8 months previous that someone had a gorilla suit and was hoaxing Bigfoot in that area, so that sighting was a bit tainted. Henry and his mother and sister moved to Mississippi in February '84, where he had several "Not Sure" encounters until 1998, January 13th to be exact. Henry saw a large dirty-white creature cross the highway in front of him at 1:15 in the morning. It was a huge and massive creature. Henry continued reading as much as he could on the subject, even collecting the signatures of all four of the "Four Horsemen of Sasquatchery" (Green, Dahinden, Byrne and Krantz", along with Bob Gimlin's. Henry has over 80 books devoted to the subject of mysterious, unknown primates, along with a sample of shale sand from Bluff Creek, California, close to the P/G film site and a second-generation copy of a Bigfoot cast found by timber cruiser Pat Graves October 20, 1963 and cast by Roger Patterson the next day. He has had some vocalization encounters, including one 2 months ago. Henry started the Southeast Sasquatch Association in 1994 as a clearinghouse for sightings and information. Henry expanded this one-man organization to cyberspace in September 2004, on a website which can be found HERE. He expanded even further with his first blog found HERE in late-2005. In early-2006, he opened another blog based on his membership in a group of independent researchers called The American Bigfoot Society. His second blog can be found HERE. Henry is the President and CEO of the Southeast Sasquatch Association, a member of the International Bigfoot Society, the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society and the American Bigfoot Society, where he is deputy director. He believes in a no-kill policy when it comes to Bigfoot.

I am very proud to have these guys joining us in our endeavors to research this creature that has been very successful in eluding humankind for a very long time. Welcome aboard guys and welcome!!!