Sunday, June 10, 2012

Introducing "Sasquatch Watch of Montana"!

Sasquatch Watch of Virginia is pleased to announce our expansion!

Pete Wilson is now director of "Sasquatch Watch of Montana"!!!  Congratulations to Pete and his recent relocation to the great state of Montana.

A new website has been developed for Pete to collect sighting and encounter information from folks who have had sightings or encounters with this mysterious being in Montana.  We hope Pete the best in his new location and hope that he finds evidence of our hairy friend in the state of Montana.  GOOD LUCK PETE!!!

Here is a link to the new website, please be patient as it is still under construction.

1 comment:

Squatchart said...

Great to see someone up there! Look in Teton or Lewis and Clark Counties. Nothing reported in Teton but then again, no one up there is likely to report anything.

Good luck, Cliff Sullivan