Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The "Evidence" and "Lindsay" Blogs

Has anyone noticed a trend here? Think about it...

Lindsay puts out a blog that hints that the MABRC has a body of a bigfoot. People jump in on that. Then the Evidence blog follows up on that to spread the rumor further. Is anyone getting this yet? Well, let me spell it out for some of you...

Since the Bigfootery Enquirer likes to point out so many "wrongs" within the bigfoot community (things that they get wrong 100% of the time) now its my turn...but mine will be 100% correct...

What do both the "Lindsay" blog and "Evidence" blog do?

1) Cause arguments within the community.
2) Allow profane and mean spirited comments on their blogs and they do NOTHING about it (even though they have COMPLETE control over that).
3) They actually WANT the arguments because the more clicks they get, the more money they make.
4) They don't have to put out anything factual at all, because people will read anything and believe it.
5) They make a laughing stock at every researcher out there. Their articles are laughable at best.
6) They "friend" up with other groups to steal stories for their blogs and make money off of YOU! (Examples: Struefert with Coalition Page and Team Tazer to name a couple)
7) They think they DESERVE answers as if they are some type of authority DEMANDING proof.

Bottom line is this. Lindsay and Shawn, you both HAVE the ability to do BETTER research and make certain that your information is FACTUAL. You both have the COMPLETE CONTROL over your blogs to do away with the harsh comments and name calling tactics of the high school acting commentors on your blogs. You have no one to blame but yourselves. But, I have a feeling this will all fall on deaf ears because the money generated by your blogs is stronger than your desire to put out truth and fact.

And, by the way, this same info goes for some of the bigfoot group pages as well. They may not be making money, but they feel they gain some type of fame over their comments. And yes, I will name one in particular. The Coalition page run by Steven Streufert. That page is full of folks that have only one purpose in mind. To criticize and name call anyone and everyone in the research. How many times has Steven said he's stepping away from bigfoot? More times than the fingers on both of my hands! The only reason people want that page to remain open is because they know they can come there and say whatever they want and get away with it. Why? Because the director of the page JUST DOESN'T CARE! Steven, this field doesn't owe you NOTHING! Hopefully one day you will get that through your head! Just the same as it owes me NOTHING.

Has anyone ever heard of constructive critcism? There is absolutely nothing wrong with discussing a subject, disagreeing with each other and moving on. Instead, these blogs and pages resort to name calling and making up stories to hurt others. Clean up your Facebook pages and your blogs and make yourselves more respectable! Ok, done with the rant.

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