Friday, August 03, 2012

'Finding Bigfoot': Is Animal Planet damaging its rep with shows about Sasquatch and mermaids?

Here is a article written by Jen Harper about the TV show, "Finding Bigfoot".  You can read the story at the following link: Finding Bigfoot

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Just Call Me Sam said...

There's a growing trend on many of the networks towards shows of this type where viewers are threatening to stop watching those networks. With SyFy being another, people are getting fed up with all the promises and no deliveries.

Blurry photos, audio recordings of questionable origins and obscure tracks will never convince Science or the everyday man other that Bigfoot exists, nor there's even a possibility it may exist.

The overall affect of shows focusing on topics not accepted by mainstream science and not delivering any tangible evidence is going to do more harm than good. That includes Bigfoot, Sea Monsters, Ghosts and UFOs.

I would suggest anyone involved in these types of fields to continue researching and collecting evidence. I would suggest not going public until you have the body or other irrefutable evidence to offer. Once that happens you can always supply all of the evidence you've collected over the years, and do recreations of your outings later.

Currently it's all like a bad fishing trip. Time and time you're told about the grandaddy of all fish being spotted in a specific pond, and every time you go all you do is drown worms. Eventually you get tired and just stop going.