Saturday, August 16, 2008

Looking For Bigfoot in Virginia

MANASSAS,VA (WUSA) --- Billy Willard watched with professional interest friday as two Georgia men told reporters in California they had discovered the body of a Bigfoot in the woods of Northern Georgia. Willard is a co-founder and Director of Sasquatch Watch of Virginia, an organization that investigates Bigfoot sightings in the Old Dominion. "I think a lot of people were looking for a little bit more ( evidence ) and until we have that scientific analysis there is really not a whole lot we can do but wait," he said. Willard has never seen a Bigfoot himself, but his two sons claim to have done so in 2005, near Richmond. Willard says he began as a skeptic but changed his attitude as he began interviewing men and women who claim to have seen the creatures. "When I started getting interviews with people who have seen this thing. level headed people, they're not people who see an alien around every corner or see a UFO flying around every day. We're talking about people who have reputable jobs, policemen. We're talking about people of science who have seen this, and when you start talking to level-headed people like that, it's hard to believe people are making this up. Out of the tens of thousands of sightings that have been seen, it's just hard to believe they are making it up," Willard told 9News Now. Willard does not know what the creatures may be, but he believes there is something out there waiting to be identified. "We don't know what it is. Is it some kind of prehistoric human? Is it an undiscovered North American ape? I'm open to both suggestions. We just don't know until we get some evidence from some well known scientists," he said. Sasquatch Watch of Virginia can be found at by 9NEWS NOW

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