Friday, July 04, 2008

Announcement from Steve Kulls about Catskill, NY

After consulting with the newly formed board of directors of, it is significant that I, Steve Kulls founder and CEO of, bring forth some pertinent facts involved in the events surrounding alleged sightings in or near Catskill, NY. On Friday, June 13th, 2008 I was contacted by the CEO of Searching for Bigfoot, Inc. in regards to an alleged habitation in Catskill, NY only some seventy miles from my home. I immediately contacted fellow researcher and Vice President of Media Relations Becky Sawyer, and traveled to the location where we spoke with the residents. During our four hour visit, we did hear some footfalls, via a parabolic microphone and observed shadows in the woods immediately behind the residence. We heard what appeared to be wood knocking as well. Given that with the fears and concerns of the witnesses to these alleged events, I reported back to Tom Biscardi as requested and advised him with what we experienced that night would definitely warrant further investigation. At that time I deployed a motion sensored camera, in an area certain to catch activity based upon the witnesses testimony. It is imperative that I explain that the witnesses were adamant that the alleged creatures were eating their pig's food, often leaving some of the food on a tree stump in front of the pen. We returned to the site again on June 20th, 2008 after a week of speaking with the witnesses of more alleged encounters, and took a different, less invasive approach, which if the events reported to us the previous week had occurred, we would have witnessed something ourselves. Nothing happened with the exception of noting a skunk and a possum in a tree despite one witness insisting it was there, and that she could "feel it watching her." A review of a thermal scan revealed nothing at that time. A review of the trail cam, revealed an oddity, which turned out to be just shadow, as it was also too far away to trip the sensor. Therefore we had an area they were reporting activity during the previous week, which the camera proved otherwise. A better survey of the property revealed that a highway bridge approximately a mile away, was responsible for making the wood-knocking sound, when a vehicles tire hit a certain part of the bridge just right, making a very loud, resonant pop. We did find one oddity, in a matted down area of grass close to where they had reported activity the previous week. The only conclusion we could make, was that it was not made by a known animal that habituates the area but could not rule out man-made causes. At that time I reported again back to Tom Biscardi as requested and told him of the unfortunate news. His response was that he was committed after promising the witnesses he would visit the site. Despite the lack of further evidence and my follow up report, Searching For Bigfoot, Inc. released a press report and still put a call up for a media response to the site. On June 26th, 2008, Becky Sawyer and I picked up Tom Biscardi from the airport and responded to the scene, where the team had arrived earlier in the day and deployed infrared motion picture cameras. The only things the camera picked up that night was a very large raccoon eating the hog feed on the tree stump in front of the pen. And when it departed it left the food behind on the stump. No one had experienced anything that evening by the team The next afternoon all the equipment was removed after the two papers had taken their stories and all personnel departed for their homes. To personnel it was clear that the events surrounding the alleged sightings could mostly be explained by known animals, and or light trickery. I cannot take away what some of the things the witnesses told us, however, it was clear to me that this apparently was not a habituation scenario, that the press has been led to believe. On July 1st, 2008 SFBI CEO Tom Biscardi appeared on Fox News where he stated, that, "Activity was going on as we speak." and, "That we caught some images." I would like make it to very clear that the aboves statements were not entirely accurate, and misleading. The images caught were that of a raccoon, and the alleged activity there was most likely attributed to the apprehension of the witnesses to perhaps a former legitimate sighting. It is my firm and prudent stand that I and my company,, will stand for the truth, each and every time out. These are the raw naked facts behind the events of the past three weeks. This should quell any rumors, myths or misnomers that I or my organization is a puppet of anyone else. This company from it's first inception always stated we would tell it like it is. We will not veer from this path. Steve Kulls Founder/CEO

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