Saturday, December 09, 2006

Welcome To Another New Member, Sean Forker !

The Directors of Sasquatch Watch of Virginia would like to take this opportunity to introduce another new member. We are pround to have him aboard. Below is a short biography. Welcome aboard Sean!!!

Sean Forker
Director, American Bigfoot Society
Host and Producer, “The Sasquatch Experience”
1015 ½ Park Avenue
Williamsport, PA 17701
Home: (570)-326-4686

Sean Forker was born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania on August 29, 1985. His interest in
Bigfoot began when he was ten years old, when his father let him read his book “Sasquatch:
The Apes among Us”. It was then he fell in love with this mystery. Sean soon began to
assimilate everything he could on Bigfoot. At twelve years old, he began what would
anecdotally be considered field research. This led him to find others interested in this field.
He joined the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society in February 2005. This has been a major
experience for him, as he alone is the researcher for seven counties. Sean investigated his first
two reports in the fall of 2005, one of which is available upon request. He is also currently on
the planning committee for the 2008 East Coast Bigfoot Conference.

Currently, Sean is the director; also Founder, of the American Bigfoot Society. The ABS
was founded in January 2006. We are an information exchange and research organization, with
members in various states. Sean was accepted into the Alliance of Independent Bigfoot
Researchers in May 2006, an achievement he is most proud of.

“The Sasquatch Experience” is a new show hosted and produced by Sean. This is a
weekly series that discusses current events, sightings, and interviews researchers from the US
and Canada. In December of 2006, Sean fulfilled his biggest dream by interviewing John Green,
the father of Sasquatchery.

Sean resides in Pennsylvania, with his wife of four years Laura. They have two children,
Alyssa (3) and Gabriel (8 months). Oh yeah… the also have a cat named “Patty”.

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